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LibLab 1 and LibLab 2 de-engineer the State

The Western Australia Party has been campaigning against the Liberal and Labor parties since 2016 to stop de-engineering the State Government after they both agreed to shut down the Midland Railway Workshops in 1993.  Both parties have cost the state billions!

In fact both parties are so alike they should have a name change to LibLab 1 and LibLab2.

Many State Government departments have gone through a cost cutting process of de-engineering professional expertise leaving departments and the taxpayer as uninformed clients who cannot properly:

  1. instruct consulting engineers,
  2. ensure the engineering design is fit for purpose or even built to that design, and
  3. identify value for money.

This was the finding of The Productivity Commission, Public Infrastructure, 2014 Inquiry that estimated $25 billion will be wasted in Australia over the next 10 years.

While government departments are subjected to cost cutting without understanding the long-term consequences, private companies are now starting to understand the importance of in-house engineers to ensure a profitable long-term operation.  This is best illustrated by Chevron3 deciding to bring engineering design back in-house following a disastrous two month outage just months after starting their $54 billion Gorgon LNG plant.

The Western Australia Party calls on on the State Government to re-engineer its departments to ensure understanding of the lifetime cost of public projects, and establish a Professional Engineers register in Western Australia, as has been done in Queensland and in Victoria.  This will ensure that accountants, economists or lawyers will not be making, or ignoring, vital engineering decisions or transferring the burden of costs to subcontractors or the public tax payer over the lifetime of its public and private infrastructure.

The party is calling for the reinstatement of a visionary WA Engineer in Chief to bring WA's water, energy and communications infrastructure into the 21st Century!

Vote 1 Western Australia Party to re-engineer and save the state from inferior infrastructure.



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